Discover yourself exploring a stunning and ancient outback landscape, where presence is bound to awaken all your senses

Journey into the classic outback heartland filled with beauty, grandeur and isolation in intriguing abundance, enjoyed in comfort and style.

Follow the songlines and pathways of our First Peoples, Explorers, Afghan Cameleers, Ghan Railway and Overland Telegraph gangs through the South Australian deserts to Central Australia and Alice Springs.

Visit the iconic Flinders Ranges, Wilpena Pound, Prairie Hotel and Lodge, world heritage Nilpena Fossil discoveries, Lake Eyre, Oodnadatta Track, Painted Desert, Coober Pedy, Hermannsburg, Palm Valley, Chambers Pillar, Rainbow Valley, plus Ormiston and other extraordinary gorges of the imposing MacDonnell Ranges – Discover the ancient geological wonders of heartland Australia.

2024 Departure - June 3  ex Adelaide

2025 Departure announced October 2024 (similar date proposed)

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From our guests:

I wanted to thank you both for the trip over the last two weeks. It was quite a journey and I really appreciated your efforts to make it a special one for us all. As it was my first time in this unique part of our country I feel privileged to have experienced it with your guidance and expertise. Your passion for this part of the country, the landscape, the people, the flora and fauna is obvious and it was wonderful to be able to share it with you." - Helen VIC 

"I have travelled on some splendid bush tours with John and Ros Thompson who personally run a small specialist touring company. It is highly professional and very friendly. The first trip was a memorable journey to the Corner Country, out where the borders of three States meet, where Burke and Wills died at the Dig Tree at Cooper Creek. Then, the Thompson’s took us on an exploration of the Flinders Ranges of South Australia, up to Lake Eyre, the Painted Desert and the Red Centre, visiting vast outback stations, the most ancient Nilpena fossil fields, Parachilna, Leigh Creek, Marree and Coober Pedy. What is great about a Nature Bound Tour is the Thompson's  superb knowledge of flora, fauna, water, history and the legends of the bush. The dialogue is highly educational and fascinating.”  - Everald AUS

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Tour Highlights

Why you'll like this tour

Find yourself immersed in evocative and sublimely beautiful desert landscapes, contorted ranges and imposing monoliths dating back 80 to 550 million years. An exceptional experience and travel opportunity.

  • Witness newly discovered fossil evidence of the beginnings of a complex life - from which we have all descended
  • Enjoy the surreal experience of setting foot on the salt encrusted Lake Eyre where horizon and sky merge as one
  • Appreciate why artist Hans Heysen was so inspired by the Flinders Ranges describing them as “the bones of the earth laid bare”
  • Experience the extraordinary colour and panoramic form of the Breakaways and Painted Desert, the opal treasures of an underground community
  • Explore the spiritual gorges of the East and West MacDonnell Ranges snaking across the ancient landscape
  • Stand in awe of early exploration beside the towering monolith Chambers Pillar
  • Wander beneath the sacred ramparts of Rainbow Valley, ablaze in the setting sun.
  • Indulge yourself in one of Australia's finest holiday adventures enjoyed in comfort and style for an all-inclusive price
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Day 1 - Adelaide to Historic Melrose

- Vineyards and villages of Clare Valley, a scenic start to an extraordinary journey

Depart Adelaide for a scenic drive through Clare Valley vineyards to the oldest village in the Flinders Ranges, followed by an afternoon trail walk


  • Picturesque drive through Clare Valley with its string of quaint villages.
  • Selection of 40 small wineries, home of Australian Rieslings.
  • Visit Seven Hills winery where in 1848 Jesuit priests produced the first sacramental wines.
  • Free time in Melrose, the oldest village in the Flinders Ranges, named by explorer Edward John Eyre.
  • Afternoon village roam and trail walk toward the summit of Mount Remarkable.


Private en-suite rooms in a Melrose Stone Cottage


Local cafe M/Tea, A/Tea

Popular local bakery al fresco Lunch

Evening dinner at heritage Melrose Hotel

Self serve Continental Breakfast


Driving:  284 kms in 4 relaxed stages over half a day

Walking:  Up to 4 hour relaxed roaming and trail walking/climbing by choice

Day 2 - Melrose to Wilpena Pound

- Bound for Flinders Ranges and Wilpena Pound, “bones of the earth laid bare”

A relaxed scenic drive from Melrose to Wilpena Pound with a variety of feature stops along the way


  • Roam the streetscape of Quorn, scene of classic movie making
  • Back road scenic diversion into Warren Gorge home of the Yellow-footed Rock Wallabies
  • Following parts of the Hans Heysen 1200kms walking trail toward Wilpena Pound
  • Exploring the historic ruins of Kanyaka Station and early settler life
  • A visit to the Jeff Morgan Gallery with its spectacular, panoramic circular vista of the Flinders Ranges
  • More scenic back roads winding beneath the grandeur of Wilpena Pound


Luxury ensuite resort accommodation for 2 nights


Cafe/coffee shop M/Tea

Village al fresco Lunch and tailgate A/Tea

Evening restaurant dinner and breakfast


Driving: 247kms in 5 relaxed stages throughout the day

Walking: Casual roaming at various feature stops and serendipity moments

Day 3 - Discovering Wilpena Pound and Flinders Ranges

- Grand Ranges and rugged gorges, home to beautifully attired Wallabies

A delightful trail walk this morning followed by an afternoon of scenic driving, exploring the beauty and magnificence of the Flinders Ranges


  • Relaxed walk through Wilpena Pound Gap to an elevated platform, to view the inner Pound
  • Learn of early settlement and Aboriginal connection to the Pound
  • Back road journey through the scenic gorges of the Flinders Ranges
  • Chance viewing of “delightfully coloured” and endangered Yellow-footed Rock Wallabies
  • Visit the valley and shepherd’s hut ruins where celebrated artist Hans Heysen found inspiration for his creative works
  • Glorious sunset over the Ranges


Luxury ensuite resort accommodation


Resort restaurant based breakfast, lunch and dinner

Morning walk sustenance and tailgate A/Tea


Driving:  122 kms in  6 relaxed stages during the afternoon with many scenic stops

Walking: Optional easy grade 7.8kms 3 hr morning walk to view Wilpena Pound. Roaming at afternoon features and serendipity moments

Day 4 - Wilpena Pound to Prairie Hotel, Parachilna

Wilpena Pound to Prairie Hotel, Parachilna - Convulsed ranges lead to the desert doorstep and evidence of the life from which we all descended

Today you journey through the ranges to an historic copper mining town, then a convulsed ancient landscape to remote Parachilna for lunch and an adventure in chef prepared feral food


  • Pass through the northern reaches of the Flinders Ranges with towering bluffs and rocky crags rearing upwards and backwards
  • Learn of the exploits of Thomas “pegleg” Blinman and cattle duffer Joseph Wills, the brutality of life in the outback in the 1800’s
  • Visit the now sleepy historic ex-copper town of Blinman
  • Test your taste buds with classic chef-prepared feral food at the jewel in the outback - Prairie Hotel
  • Prepare for tomorrow's discovery, 555 million year old fossil evidence of the earth’s first animals and life from which we all descended


Deluxe ensuite rooms at remote Prairie Hotel, Parachilna


Tailgate or village hotel M/Tea

Lunch, dinner and breakfast at iconic Prairie Hotel


Driving:  97kms in 4 relaxed stages on back roads to Parachilna

Walking: Roam at various feature stops

Day 5 - Fossil Discoveries of Nilpena Station

- A world heritage journey into evidence of the life from which we all descended

Today we visit Nilpena Station north of  Parachilna for an extraordinary viewing of the earliest evidence of life


  • Visit Nilpena, an historic wool and cattle station in the desert where an accidental discovery of ancient fossils occurred just a few years ago
  • Learn of the ongoing discoveries by a team of American scientists sponsored by NASA, providing insights into possible life on other planets still to be visited
  • Now protected by National Park dedication and soon a world heritage declaration, possible through the generosity of the owners of both Nilpena and the Prairie Hotel
  • View the 555 million year old fossil evidence of the earth’s first animals and life from which we all descended
  • Relax and socialise with locals and travel mates in one of Australia's most awarded outback hotels


Deluxe ensuite rooms at remote Prairie Hotel, Parachilna


Tailgate M/Tea

Lunch, dinner and breakfast at iconic Prairie Hotel


Driving:  80 kms return trip to Nilpena Station

Walking: Roaming at various fossil features

Day 6 - Parachilna to Marree

- Following the pathway of Afghan Cameleers and pastoral empire builders

You leave the bitumen and follow the gravel toward the outpost towns of Lyndhurst and Marree, taking in  Aboriginal and Afghan history, early settler and railway endeavours. Pass through the southern intersections of outback adventure tracks, the Strzelecki and the Birdsville.


  • History abounds at Beltana around the Thomas Elder land and sheep empire
  • Here was the nursery of Camel importation and exploration across Australia leading to 600,000 creatures now running wild
  • Extensive salt bush country emerges and beyond the vast gibber plains await
  • Slag heaps remain in memory of South Australia’s open cut coal fields
  • The contribution of Afghan Cameleers opening up the desert lands is not forgotten
  • The great northern rail line laid down in 1882, now long abandoned, was forerunner to The Ghan, now linking Adelaide to Darwin
  • The fully restored and functional underground bakery in the desert ruins at Farina is a complete surprise
  • Visit the striking palette of rich earthy colours at the spectacular ochre pits of our First Peoples, once supplying their trade across vast distances


Comfortable, detached hotel ensuite cabins for 2 nights


Tailgate M/Tea and fresh delights at a unique underground bakery

Counter lunch, a restaurant dinner and breakfast at historic Marree Hotel


Driving:  193kms outback travel toward the desert lands, enjoyed in 5 relaxed stages

Walking:  Roam at various feature stops and serendipity moments

Day 7 - Day visit exploring Lake Eyre

- Immerse yourself in the surreal experience of the great salt sink, Lake Eyre

A remarkable day journey to the lowest point in Australia, the extensive salt sink and surreal experience of Lake Eyre


  • Pass through the 5,600kms long wild dog or Dingo Barrier Fence crossing Australia
  • Arrive at an amazing place and space, eerily empty and devoid of life, ready to capture all your senses
  • Discover there are two lakes south and north connected by the Goyder Channel
  • Heart of a 1.3 million sq kms drainage basin, one of the largest in the world
  • Cause of great excitement and adventure when it floods from monsoonal rains in Australia’s far north
  • Scene of one of nature’s greatest transformations with Pelican and waterbird migrations in pursuit of a flooded harvest and breeding frenzy
  • The 5 metre deep crust in the lake’s centre enabled Donald Campbell’s world land speed record of 650kms/hr in 1963/4
  • Seeing is believing. Experience the void. Gaze into infinity.


Comfortable, detached hotel ensuite cabins


Picnic tailgate tea breaks and lunch provided by our friends at the Marree Hotel


Driving:  198kms return on outback road and sandy tracks to Lake Eyre

Walking:  Travel breaks and surreal roaming on iconic salt encrusted Lake Eyre

Day 8 - Marree to William Creek

- Adventures along the Oodnadatta Track with insights into the Great Artesian Basin

Journey along the Old Ghan Railway and legendary 615 kms long Oodnadatta Track toward William Creek, located in the centre of the world’s largest cattle station of 6 million acres


  • Discover mounded springs percolating up from the depths of the Great Artesian Basin below, following a 2 million year water flow from its source in the Great Dividing Range.
  • Follow the vital Aboriginal Song Lines, Explorer and Afghan Camaleer pathways across the desert lands
  • Pass by restricted access, Aboriginal homelands and pause at the remnant rail sidings of the Old Ghan Railway
  • What possesses a former mechanic to turn artist and create out of waste, a post-apocalyptic sculpture park in the desert, for you to view and contemplate
  • Gibber plains give way to crimson sand ridges, outliers from the Simpson Desert
  • After lunch, free time to relax or if you wish, join a scenic flight over Lake Eyre or the Painted Hills of Anna Creek Station, a selection of flights on offer at your discretion and cost
  • Embrace the sense of isolation and adventurous spirit of 4WD travellers, drawn to the outback from far and wide


Basic but comfortable, air-conditioned, ensuite transportable cabins


Tailgate M/Tea

Lunch, afternoon refreshments, dinner and breakfast at the isolated William Creek Hotel


Driving:  199kms with several stops at natural and historic features along the way

Walking:  Roam at various feature stops and serendipity moments

Day 9 - William Creek to Coober Pedy

- Crossing huge cattle stations in search of opals and underground accommodation

Head west this day across cattle station holdings as big as small countries to discover Coober Pedy, acknowledged as Australia’s Opal Capital


  • Journey through the vast Anna Creek Station, and far reaches of the old Woomera rocket testing range
  • One of the loneliest roads, described as “occasionally maintained” with a bit of traffic now and then
  • Here the local mail run is 600kms long, twice a week, serving 6 stations and 2 villages
  • Remember the desert lake with a big name and it’s fabled story
  • Visit the strange if quirky landscapes of opal mining spoils surrounding Coober Pedy, evidence of treasures beneath, set down 150 million years ago
  • Join a guided tour through an old Opal Mine exploring its tunnels and rooms
  • The cosmopolitan population of underground dwellers boasts 45 nationalities
  • If you care to invest there are a number of outlets to inspect and purchase exquisite opal jewellery


Chance in a lifetime to sleep comfortably underground in a deluxe Coober Pedy Motel room. Every convenience except no window views.


Tailgate M/Tea near Lake Cadibarrawirracanna

Lunch and Dinner at local family style restaurant

Continental breakfast underground


Driving:  A relaxed morning drive of 168 kms to Coober Pedy in two easy stages

Walking: Rest and relax, enjoy the journey

Day 10 - Coober Pedy to Marla

- Exploring wild movie sets and moonscapes then an extraordinary Painted Desert

Today you’ll pass through the striking Painted Desert region few Australians are aware of, before joining a sealed highway run to the Marla Roadhouse and Motel


  • Journey through the “Breakaways” landscape with outstanding views of country laid down more than 80 million years ago and featuring the “Salt and Pepper” hills
  • Here were the feature settings for movie classics “Mad Max”, “Thunderstorm” and “Ground Zero”
  • Alongside the Wild Dog Barrier Fence discover a blackened moonscape sparkling in gypsum and petrified wood
  • Pass through 2 million acres of desert grazing lands, another two stations held by the Anna Creek Station owners the Williams Cattle Company
  • The Painted Desert located in Arckaringa Station offers spectacular breakaway land forms rich in many colours, bold and beautiful
  • The Stuart Highway Run is the life vein for transport and tourism linking the Northern Territory and South Australia, following the discovery pathway of early explorer John McDouall Stuart.


Comfortable but basic ensuite highway motel units at Marla Retreat


M/Tea, A/Tea  and Lunch all picnic tailgate style

Roadhouse restaurant dinner and breakfast


Driving:  367 kms at relaxed pace through the desert in 5 comfortable stages

Walking:  Casual roaming at feature stops plus an optional 2.5 kms return walk with a modest climb on warn trails in the Painted Desert

Day 11 - Marla to Alice Springs

- A journey through history and Australia connecting to the world with a long length of wire and morse code

Today you’ll enjoy an easy highway run into the Northern Territory bound for Alice Springs. Later in the afternoon we’ll share the extraordinary Rainbow Valley experience, roaming around the ramparts of a giant sandstone feature ablaze in the setting sun..


  • Highway travel with shared stories relating to the true location of the centre of Australia
  • Further story telling on the exploration accounts of John McDouall Stuart and Charles Todd and the establishment of the Overland Telegraph Line
  • Learn of the achievements and legend of Len Beadell grading a 1350kms straight track through three states across the desert wilderness, from nearby Victory Downs. Eventually to be known as the notorious “Gunbarrel Highway” it passes through the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands (not normally accessible by the general public)
  • Enjoy a late afternoon trail walk toward the sandstone bluffs and ramparts of Rainbow Valley. 350 million year old free standing cliffs, a sacred site to the Southern Arrernte People.
  • Stand in awe as the joints and fractures, dramatic shapes and colouration, fire up in the setting sun. Turn around to witness the Desert Oaks silhouetted against the golden parting glow of the day


Comfortable, spacious ensuite rooms at Mercure Alice Springs Resort for the next 4 nights.


Tailgate M/Tea and casual roadhouse lunch

Resort restaurant for dinner and breakfast


Driving: 447 kms sealed highway drive crossing into the Northern Territory, plus diversion into Rainbow Valley

Walking:  Rest and relax, enjoy the road journey. 2 kms Rainbow Valley stroll to visit features

Day 12 - Day visit exploring East MacDonnell Ranges

- Follow the “Caterpillar Dreaming” country to scenic gaps and gorges

An early start and relaxed scenic drive along the East MacDonnell Ranges to visit various gaps and gorges cutting through the range. Enjoy an elevated rim walk overlooking Trephina Gorge. Later an afternoon visit to the award winning Desert Park with its informative fauna, flora and cultural exhibits. Closing the day with an elevated view of Alice Springs from the town lookout, Anzac Hill.


  • Emily and Jessie Gaps offer intimate scenic viewing and are important spiritual sites to the Eastern Arrernte People
  • Rock paintings depict the Caterpillar Dreaming creation stories and a totem respected widely across Alice Springs, described as “caterpillar country”
  • The grey column of dolomite known as Corroboree Rock was laid down in a salty lake 800 million years ago. Traditional owners regard it as a sacred men’s site for storage of ceremonial objects
  • Trephina Gorge is a paradise of sheer red quartzite cliffs sheltering a delightful sandy watercourse lined with River Red Gums supporting bird and wildlife
  • You’ll visit a wonderful specimen of the classic Australian “Ghost Gum” estimated to be 350-400 years old. We’ll share the significance of Ghost Gums to Aboriginal and other home loving people. The species came to world prominence through the art of Albert Namatjira.
  • Visit the quality wildlife exhibits at the Alice Springs Desert Park carrying David Attenborough’s endorsement “there is no zoo or wildlife park in the world that can match it”


Quality ensuite rooms at our Mercure Resort tour base.


M/Tea at Trephina Gorge

Cafe Lunch at Desert Park

Dinner at Resort restaurant


Driving:  Total 158 kms of sealed road in 5 relaxed stages linking the days features

Walking: 3 short walks each approx.1.5 kms long to take in the natural beauty

A  2 kms / 1 hr loop walk at Trephina Gorge with a short opening climb

Day 13 - Day discovery of Chambers Pillar

- Like the explorers, crossing the Simpson Desert fringe, drawn to the towering vision of Chambers Pillar

Today we head into the fringes and sand ridge outliers of the Simpson Desert to an iconic landmark that once guided early explorers and settlers, but today few tourists witness - Chambers Pillar.


  • Visit an isolated claypan beside which rust red rock clusters have been engraved with non-representational circles, lines and geometric motifs. They are thought to be up to 40,000 years old. Custodians say the meaning of the petroglyphs is sacred and too dangerous to reveal to non-initiated people.
  • At “Maryvale” Station the Titjikala Art Centre may be open for our visit. Your interest may be drawn to the lady artists at work with their “connection to country” dot painting, inspired by the beauty of the arid and colourful landscape you too are experiencing
  • The Pillar beckons from afar during our desert crossing, a towering sandstone plug deposited in the area 350 million years ago. Its isolation, presence, historical and cultural significance can’t be denied
  • For Europeans the pillar is a tangible link to the first sighting by early explorer John McDouall Stuart in his quest to cross Australia south to north, other explorers, surveyors and pastoral settlers


Quality en-suite rooms at our tour base


Tailgate tea breaks and picnic lunch at the Pillar

Dinner and breakfast at the tour base restaurant


Driving:  328kms in 4 relaxed stages on back roads and tracks across desert sand ridges

Walking: Relaxed roaming at various feature stops and a short staircase climb up the pedestal of the pillar

Day 14 - Day Visit to Hermannsburg and Palm Valley

- Hermannsburg, site of an historic mission, then crossing the most ancient Finke River to the beauty of Palm Valley

A big day ahead as we travel to Hermannsburg and Palm Valley along Larapinta Drive


  • Free roam the art galleries, grounds and buildings of the historic Hermannsburg Historic Precinct once a struggling Lutheran Mission determined to advance local Aboriginal lives and souls
  • Albert Namatjira was born at the Mission and his landscape paintings and fame reached all corners of the world. We’ll reflect on the trials and injustices in his life and the Ghost Gums that featured extensively in his works
  • Crossing the dry sandy bed of the Finke River can be deceiving. It has followed this original course for 350million years while the mighty Colorado River in the US is only 21 million years old
  • The Red Cabbage Palms grow only in Palm Valley where a maze of rust red amphitheatres, pinnacle and gorges play host to a diverse range of rare or unique plants
  • Time permitting, visit the crater site of an enormous comet which impacted the earth 142 million years ago, now a sacred site of the Western Arrernte People


Quality ensuite rooms at our Mercure Resort tour base.


Cafe M/Tea &/or lunch at Hermannsburg Historic Precinct

Dinner and breakfast at the Mercure or Alice Restaurant


Driving:  248 kms in 4 relaxed stages throughout the day


Short roams at various feature stops. Possible 1.5 kms return walk / climb in Palm Valley for an elevated view.

Day 15 - Day visit exploring West MacDonnell Ranges and Ormiston Gorge

- Complete your adventures along the 1000 million years old West MacDonnell Ranges

Focus today is on the magnificent West MacDonnell Ranges and a 4 hour walk through Ormiston Pound and Gorge. Returning to “Alice” we’ll include short visits and strolls at 3 other feature locations

Time too, to reflect on the variety of experiences enjoyed in your 15 day / 3,200 kms journey from Adelaide to Alice Springs


  • Ormiston Creek cuts through the 250m high gorge and is a tributary to the ancient Finke River still flowing its original course from 350 million years ago
  • Around you, extraordinary earthly convulsions have heaved and thrust hundreds of metres of quartzite on top of itself in contorted fashion
  • The ancient sandy creek bed is littered with large coloured boulders and a near permanent water hole is 14 metres deep
  • Learn of the geological upheavals that folded and formed the ranges 1000 million years ago
  • Dry sandy river beds with occasional water holes here are some of the most ancient in the world
  • A colourful outcrop of ochre is an important trading resource to the Western Arrernte People. The many colours mixed with animal fats and water are used for ceremonies, medicines and paintings
  • Water charging through the gaps and gorges of the range create picturesque swimming and picnic sites, also calling points sustaining dingoes and other wildlife. You’ll visit the Ellery Creek Big Hole, created thousands of years ago
  • One deep red cleft carving through the range over millions of years is named after the first non-Aboriginal woman to visit the site. So narrow and sheer the chasm is most dramatic when the sun penetrates into the cleft around mid-day
  • Time to remember the great Aboriginal artist as you travel the Albert Namatjira Drive into Alice Springs


End of tour accommodation pre-arranged with tour guests - not included in tour


Resort restaurant based breakfast

Walking sustenance

Cafe lunch and tea breaks at Ormiston Gorge


Driving:  296 kms in 5 relaxed stages throughout the day

Walking: Optional 8.5 kms / 3.5 to 4hr through Ormiston Pound and Gorge with a few short climbs, rock and boulder sections to negotiate. Non-walkers can enjoy passive time free roaming through the delightful gorge, possibly to greet the walking group coming through the gorge.

Best Value Inclusions

  • All accommodation
  • All meals with breakfast, lunch and 2 course dinner with choices
  • Morning and afternoon teas
  • Glass of wine with dinner if you wish
  • Spontaneous travel treats and refreshments
  • Tour transport and naturalist guides
  • All National Park entry fees
  • A number of feature entries or side tours
  • Pre-tour briefing and meet ‘n greet function
  • Local guides and guests, as available
  • Informative travel reference kit
  • Use of on-board reference materials and facilities
  • A meaningful tour memento
  • Personalised pre-tour planning advice to maximise your enjoyment and preparation for the experience
  • What we don't include:
    • Expenditure of a personal nature
    • Pre and post tour travel and accommodation arrangements
    • Optional scenic flight over Lake Eyre at extra cost – choice of flights and prices to be advised.
    • Travel and comprehensive contingency insurance

Pricing & Departure Dates

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2024 Departures

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03 Jun 2024 17 Jun 2024 $10,250 pp / twin share $10550 pp / twin share Book Now
Departs 03 Jun 2024
Concludes 17 Jun 2024
Early Bird Offer $10,250 pp / twin share
Regular Price $10550 pp / twin share
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  • "Your tour from Adelaide to Alice Springs filled a void in my life, having read so much about the Old Ghan railway, explorer John McDouall Stuart and the Overland Telegraph Line. Such a trip is near impossible for Seniors to contemplate, to travel independently alone in such isolated territory like the wonderful Painted Desert. Thanks for the added security of a well organised tour and bringing history to life in my world."
    Rex of Brisbane, Australia
  • "I trust you are able to rest a little during your time in Alice Springs? I wanted to thank you both for the trip over the last two weeks. It was quite a journey and I really appreciated your efforts to make it a special one for us all. As it was my first time in this unique part of our country I feel privileged to have experienced it with your guidance and expertise. Your passion for this part of the country, the landscape, the people, the flora and fauna is obvious and it was wonderful to be able to share it with you."  
    Helen Torquay VIC
  • "So glad your next trips went well and you are back home safe and well. John – thank you so much for looking after me on the Rim walk – I was determined to do it again after 30 years – I have developed a fear of heights since then and am so pleased I managed it. Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday – you both are so thoughtful, organised and just lovely to know."
    Alwyn Peachester QLD
  • "It's good to hear from you. I regret that I was not with you on the day trip into the Aboriginal homeland. It would have been an activity much to my liking and another credit to your itinerary-making. Australia is still very much on my mind: two-thirds of the top of my dining table is still covered with Australia materials, I am "bending friends' ears" perhaps more than they wish. This evening I will watch the second of a three-part televised Nature series on The Kimberley. I came home feeling very kindly toward Australia and Australians. I'd come back in a minute."  
    Virginia USA

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