For over 30 years Nature Bound Australia, a family business, has facilitated comfortable small group experiential journeys into the outback and world heritage wilderness areas of Australia.

Journeys that have inspired participants to self-reflect and develop their capacities to steward resources for which they have collective or individual responsibility.

We now offer to share these  journeys with you and your family as reflective retreat experiences.

The sleeping potential for family businesses in Australia, beyond 2021, rests with a renewed approach to stewardship, guiding and taking care of a business, the people and especially families supporting it.

Designing a future that leaves no one behind.  An holistic vision of security and growth cast beyond the day to day business operations.

Enabling the discovery and sharing of values inherent to the business. Resulting in all stakeholders, owners, staff and clients ultimately investing in the vision.

It starts with key family business leaders immersing themselves in a natural environment, to be revitalised by inspirational experiences and valued moments personally reflecting on the business.

A free flowing discovery of fresh ideas outside of the confines and restraints of the board room, white board or formalised teaching environment.

Discovering wild ideas are not so wild after all.

With various mindsets and influences at play, business leaders need to guide all stakeholders along a path to common awareness and understanding, shared expectations of the business.

Journey Highlights

Each holistic journey is designed to enable participants to:

  • Slow down, revitalise and reflect in the primal connection we all share with nature.
  • Be inspired by Australia’s landscape and wilderness, offering a window to expansive and creative thoughts.
  • Realise we are all a small part of a much larger world or ecosystem which has survived through inter-connected, symbiotic relationships over billions of years.
  • Discover and bond the unique or hidden qualities of others contributing to the business.
  • Nurture empowerment in others, in a refreshing and restorative natural environment.
  • Discover adaptive lessons from nature’s way, a vital culture at the core of business success
  • Rediscover the balance to life, health and wellbeing driving dedication, performance and commitment from all.
  • Foster grounded personalities, their capacity to cope and cooperate in an ever changing business and technological environment.
  • Bring business externalities into sharper focus. A creative review for economic betterment of the business.
  • Enhance brand differentiation and ethos increasing social licence and market share within the community.
  • Guide the business toward leadership and authority in its field.

Every business is part of a supply chain, whether in products or services, with hidden risks and opportunities to be unearthed through inspired thought and collaboration.

People, planet and profit all have a vital place in future business success, especially the family business, strategically embedded in community, nimble and flexible toward change and direction.


The initial program consists of 2 separate investment phases, select journeys and itineraries customised to unearth the sleeping potential of the family business.

Phase One - “The Initial Journey” convened for select business owners or leaders to recognise and consider the sleeping potential.

Phase Two - “Key Stakeholder Awareness Journeys” for a unique understanding, collaboration of shared expectations and engagement.

Future Vision

“Nurturing an extended Stakeholder Family and their Advocacy” by engaging and binding all those connecting and contributing to, depending on and dedicated to the business.

“Social Licence and Marketshare Gains” through involvement in shared community goals and projects.

“Nurturing the Brand” around “People, Planet and Profit”, values and ethos increasingly acknowledged by a discerning public.

Best Value Inclusions

  • Experiential facilitation customised to each phase and journey
  • Quality accommodation
  • All meals with breakfast, lunch and min 2 course dinner with choices
  • Glass of wine with dinner if you wish
  • Morning and afternoon teas.
  • Spontaneous travel treats and refreshments.
  • Luxury 4WD tour transport and naturalist guide
  • All National Park access entry fees where relevant
  • All feature entries where relevant
  • Use of on-board reference materials and facilities
  • Personalised pre-tour planning advice to maximise your enjoyment and experience
  • What we don't include:
    • Expenditure of a personal nature
    • Pre and post tour travel and accommodation arrangements
    • Travel and comprehensive contingency insurance

Pricing & Departure Dates

All Inclusive Prices. Loyalty and Group Discounts may apply - enquire

Phase One:  The Initial Journey

Departure by arrangement, subject to mutual scheduling and supplier requirements.

Departing from the Gold Coast or Brisbane.  Tour remaining within Queensland if coronavirus travel /border restraints apply.

Duration of Journeys - Normally a Mon-Frid 5 day retreat. (Suggested itinerary on request).

Price - Typically AU$ 3,950 / guest / twin share - all inclusive

Single supplement may apply.

Future Visionary Phase Journeys - subject to customised client arrangements.

Enquire Now

All Inclusive Pricing. Enquire today.

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